Saturday, September 02, 2006

Shopping Trolley Art

Shopping Trolley Art

Dumped supermarket trolleys litter our rivers and canals. Now one artist is rescuing them... to create these incredible wire sculptures that celebrate our water wildlife...

Ptolemy Elrington with his giant heron made from old supermarket trolleys pulled out from the river.

A metallic bittern gazes upwards...

A kingfisher proudly poses with its helpless victim.

Ptolemy Elrington's favourite creation - the crayfish.

frog, with wheels for eyes, searches in vain for a metallic lillypad to rest on.

The osprey is the perfect fisherman, using its feet and sharp eyesight to hunt. This metal version, however, should perhaps keep clear of open water.

Ptolemy Elrington's shopping trolley dragonfly displays its huge wingspan.